Hon'ble Chief Minister

Selvi J Jayalalithaa

Madurai Corporation Call Centre # : 842 842 5000
Call Us : +0452 2530521 to 2530526


  • Corporation Building

    • The Madurai Corporation is the civic body which administers the city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India
    • It is the second oldest and third largest municipal corporation
  • ECO Park

    • Madurai Corporation has Developed an ECOLOGICAL PARK at Annamaligai in a modern way so as to attract the Public and Tourist eagerly.
    • We are the pioneer to safeguard the environment, developed 8.5 acres ECO PARK with more than 300 mediplants.
    • 700 Nos. of all Varieties of Plants.
    • Artificial Foundation at on height of 110 feet water falls with ornamental lights.
    • Imported artificial lighting coconut and palmy trees attracts all.
  • Youth Care

    • National Standard Swimming Pool with separate pool for children attracts public a lot.
    • National Standard Swimming Pool stands as next to Chennai in South TamilNadu with national standard.
    • Modernized and used by poor youth and children of schools.
  • Gym

    • A Well equipped Gymnasium which encourage Madurai young athletes.
    • Well equipped gym in Madurai City. Both men and women use.
  • Animal Birth Control Program

    • First time in India to take up this programme by local body in Madurai Corporation.
    • Target Annually 3000 dogs in 3 years
    • Dog catching by Trained persons by Dog Catching Vehicles.
    • Dog catching by Trained persons by Dog Catching Vehicles.
  • Toilet On Wheels

    • Made use at Temple Area.
    • Commercial Areas where toilets are not available
    • At Festival Spots
    • In Slum Areas.