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Madurai City is gearing up for Round 2 of Smart City Challenge. In Round 1 of this challenge, Madurai was ranked 28 out of 100. Madurai narrowly missed the opportunity to make it to the first list and this time the Madurai Municipal Corporation (MMC) is leaving no stone unturned to see Madurai in the next round of Smart cities.

Madurai Corporation is currently working with all the stake holders to revise and strengthen its Smart City proposal. The most crucial inputs for revising and strengthening the current proposal will have to come from the citizens of Madurai. Citizens engagement and feedback will help us in identifying priority areas and also pinpoint the drawbacks in the current proposal.

The current proposal has two Components-Area based Development and Pan city proposal

Area Based Development

Madurai Corporation has selected 3100 Acres around the Meenakshi Temple precinct for Retrofitting.

Some of the key components are:

  • Heritage preservation and Enhancement
  • Visitors Amenities and Tourism infrastructure
  • IT integration for aiding Tourists and Citizens
  • Improving Urban infrastructure

Pan City Proposal

This proposal includes pan city smart solutions for the benefit of the entire city by using ICT and thereby improving governance and delivery of public services. This envisages developing an integrated City Management and Control Centre (ICMCC) with the following components

  • Smart Water and Sewerage Management System
  • Intelligent Public Transport, Parking and Traffic Control Systems
  • Street Light Monitoring and Management system
  • Emergency Response and Surveillance system
  • Waste Collection and Transportation Monitoring system
  • Integrated platform for E-governance

MMC is requesting all the stakeholders to offer their valuable suggestions and comments to improve the current proposal.

You can go through the current proposal by click here

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sriyaditha 2 hours 39 minutes ago

Dear Sir

Greetings,it is a good effort and we can.

few suggestions for your ref.
1. Madurai city most of the people are struggled due to their ward number confusions. For example they will vote for Councillors in one ward and pay their corporation tax in another ward.
so if any grievance in their area , resolving will be delayed for years together due to no co operation between administration and Councillors.

Kindly look in to this to get success in Madurai Smart City Round-2


Vijeta Malik 23 hours 15 minutes ago

"Smart City" is a Great Idea for the overall development of our Great Nation "BHARAT". Thanks to You, Sir for Your hard-work and Your devotion for the People of Our Great Nation "BHARAT". All credit goes to You, Sir. We Salute You. Our Best Wishes are always with You, Sir. Please keep it up. Our Great PM .....