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Selvi J Jayalalithaa

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Name Dr.S.Raja
Education Qualification M.B.B.S.,M.D
Joining Date 18-08-2021
Name Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Date of Birth -
Education Qualification M.B.B.S,M.D
Mobile No. 9443739513
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This department plays a vital role in creating hygienic and safe environment and improving public health as detailed below:

  1. Maintaining 13 Maternity Hospitals, 2 Maternity Homes and 17 Dispensaries comprising of 12 Allopathic Hospitals, 3 Ayurvedhic Hospitals and 3 Siddha Hospitals
  2. Carrying out public health service activities such as pre-natal care for married women, health care guidance and treatments to pregnant women, immunization and preventive programmes, Family Welfare and Sterilization, administering vaccines for Children and Pregnant women as per the National Immunization Schedule, vaccinations for infants BCG, Hepatitis B, Measles, Polio etc., at various intervals right from the birth and upto the age of 16 years
  3. Intensive preventive measures are carried out to curb the deadly disease of TB which causes loss of human lives around 3,25,000 persons annually all over India. This city has the facilities of 5 micro-labs maintained under R NTCP
  4. Similarly with the assistant TANSAC, AIDS control activities are carried out
  5. Free service of Ultra Sound Scanner facilities is rendered in 5 approved centres to the people from economically weaker section
  6. For curbing mosquito menace, measures such as Anti larvae, Fogging and Sprayer methods are adopted and due to these activities there are no symptoms of diseases spread by the mosquitoes such as Denque, Malaria, Chikkungunya etc., in the City
  7. Under the ABC programs stray dogs are caught and sterilized periodically and this has resulted in eradicating the deadly disease of 'Rabis" in the City
  8. Birth and Death registration and certification
  9. Issue of trade licence under D & O Trades Act
  10. In the current year, Under the Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy scheme 3893 beneficiaries benefited an amount of 233.58 lakhs financial assistance, Under the Moovalur Ramamirtham Ninaivu Marriage Assistance Scheme 1364 beneficiaries benefited an amount of 490.75 lakhs financial assistance, Under the Honourable Chief Minister's 'Thalikku Thangam' Scheme (both Rs.50000 and Rs.25000) 754 beneficiaries benefited an amount of 368.50 lakhs and through Government of India's Janani Surksha Scheme 170 beneficiaries benefited an amount of 1.02 lakhs as financial assistance
  11. This department is responsible for the primary collection of garbage generated in all the 100 wards of the City to the tune of 548 Metric Tonne through 2700 Sanitary Workers under the supervision of 25 Sanitary Inspectors, maintenance of Public Toilets and removal of dead animals in the City.

This department functions under the control of City Health Officer with the supporting officials such as Assistant City Health Officers, Superintendent of Maternity Homes, Medical Officers, Pharmacists, Vital Statistics Officer, Assistant Veterinary Officer, Community Workers and other subordinates.


2.1. Government Institutions

S.No. Institution Nos.
1 Government Medical College Hospital 1
2 Urban Health Post 17
3 Maternity Home 13
4 Dispensary ( Allopathy ) 17
5 Govt. Hospital 1
6 E.S.I Hospitals 1
7 Private Hospitals 3
8 ESI Dispensaries 3

2.2. NGOs

Number of NGOs working in Health Sector : 7

Number of NGOs working in Health related sectors : 2

Sl.No Name of the NGO NAddress Activities
1 APAC Shenoy Nagar, Madurai AIDS Awareness
2 TEDDY TRUST Chockkalinga Nagar, Madurai AIDS Awareness
3 ISM Mahaboobpalayam, Madurai Health Activities
4 SWEED Trichy Road, Melur Health Field Activities
5 FPAI Ellis Nagar, Madurai Family Welfare programmes
6 FOHRD New Jail Road, Madurai Prevention of Road Accidents
7 CACHE K.Pudur / Samayanallur, Madurai Health Activities
8 IMAGE Sathamangalam, Madurai Health Activities
9 RCPDS P & T Nagar, Madurai Health Activities


No. Rate  
1 Birth Rate 19.3
2 Death Rate 4.3
3 Infant Mortality Rate 8.7
4 Maternal Mortality Ratio 0.8
5 Still Birth Rate 8.3
6 Total Fertility Rate 1.8
7 Couple protection rate 76.6


1. Out Patient Treatment

17 dispensary, 17 Urban Health Posts and 16 Maternity Home / Centre are functioning. Every year about 4,50,000 patients, 4,03,000 patients, 3,31,000 patients be treated in the Dispensaries, Urban Health Posts and Maternity Homes respectively. The daily average of these centers are 1250,1120,and 920 respectively

2. Natal Care Services in Maternity Homes:

Every year about 4950 cases admitted for delivery conduction in the Corporation Maternity Homes and 4600 deliveries have been conducted on an average 380 deliveries have been conducted every month

3. Ultra Sound Scan Performance:

Ultra Sound Scan facilities have established in three Maternity Home namely "Muthu saratha Centre, Sellur Maternity Home and EOC. Every year about 15300 Ante Natal mothers were examined and monthly 1270 cases are being examined through these Corporation Centres.

4. Family Welfare Programme:

In Madurai Corporation Family Welfare Operation is carried out in two Maternity Homes, namely Rayalu Iyer Maternity Home and E.O.C. Every year about 800 sterilization operations are being done in the Corporation Centres.

5.Immunization Performance:

Under the Mother & Child Care programme every year 25,000 Ante Natal Mothers, 22,500 under one-year children immunized. 22800 children immunized by D.T., T.T. Under the Blindness control programme every year about 1,00,000 under children are being administered by vitamin " A " solution

6.Malaria Control Programme:

40500 Blood Smear have been collected and examined. Among the collected smears only 18 positive cases identified and treated during 2005. All the cases are imported cases. One Malaria Lab is functioning at West Gate Dispensary.

7.School Children Health Camp Programme

The Corporation Medical Team is visiting every year 10 primary, 10 middle, 10 high and 18 higher secondary schools. The students have been examined at the respective schools by the Medical Team

8. Pulse Polio Immunization Programme

Year I Dose II Dose III Dose IV Dose ODA Survey %
1995 - 96 1,09,141 1,11,157 -- -- 98.2%
1996 - 97 1,17,715 1,19,645 -- -- 99.50%
1997- 98 1,23,481 1,25,035 -- -- 100%
1998 - 99 1,22,364 1,22,466 -- -- 99.90%
Addl. Dose 31,594 30,439 -- -- --
1999 - 2000 1,26,244 1,31,899 1,32,682 1,34,562 --
2000 - 2001 1,24,943 1,28,943 -- -- --
2001 - 2002 1,24,360 1,30,980 -- -- --
2002 - 2003 1,29,525 1,26,824 -- -- --
2003 - 2004 1,21,548 1,23,282 1,25,342    
2004 - 2005 1,23,680 1,24,874 -- -- --
2005 1,16,050 1,24,678 -- -- --
2006 125765 125765 -- -- --
2007 117434 120066 -- -- --

9.Adolescent Girls Aneamia Control Programme

Every week 72,000 adolescent girls are receiving FST (L) tablets under Adolescent Girls Aneamia Control Programme.

10. Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme

There are five Treatment Units ( T.U) functioning in this district. Among the five Units two units are located within the Corporation Area,namely Gnanaolipuram, and Draviayampillai Mat.Home .Totally 14 Microscopic Centres are functioning in the selected UHP,Mat.Homes, Dispensary and ESI hospital. Every year about 2100 cases identified and treated. The Urban programme managed by the Medical Team which consists of Two Medical Officers, Four Supervisors, Ten Lab.Technician and Two Health Visitors. The NGOs like FORD, TREE, SWEED have also participated in both Drug provider and case referral services in the Corporation Area .


Centres No.
No.of Screening Centres 51
Maternity Home 10
Dispensary 12
Govt.Hospital 2
ESI Hospital 3
Railway Hospital 1
Jail Hospital 1
Police Hospital 1
E.B. Hospital 1
FPAI – Ellis Nagar 1
No.of Screening Team 18

The Screening team visits UHPs, Maternity Home, and Dispensaries on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday on rotation basis for screening the patients, Health Education and IEC activities.

The prevail lance rate for the year 2005-06 is 0.8 (Source : DD(L))

12. National Blindness control Programme

School students are periodically examined by the Eye Medical Team and free spectacles are being issued by the District Blindness Control Society.

13.Intergrated Counseling and Testing Centres

There are five ICTC-centres functioning in Sellur Mat.Home, Rayalu Iyer Mat.Home, UHP Pudur and West Gate dispensary. Each centre is having one Councilor and one Lab.Technician. These centres established in Urban poor slum and Lobour area.Blood tests and counseling are provided on free of cost.

14. Civil Registration System

Total Registration Units
1. Ward Units
Average Birth Registration 32,500 / year
Average Death Registration 8000 / year
Average Birth Registration 1,500 / year

From the year 1985 all registered Birth entry details were computerized and extracts are being issued through the computers. The Anna Maligai main computer and all Zone computers are connected with ONLINE network The Child name entry and correction/ cancellation are carried out only in the main office computers and public can collect the extracts at any zone for any ward from the year 2000 to 2005.

n the Government Rajaji's Medical College Hospital (GRH) every year 12500 births and 1800 deaths being registered and this Unit are fully computerized. The extracts are distributed within 15 minutes to the Public from the year 2000 to till date.

Application Cost Rs 30/- for two copies and each additional copy is Rs 5/-. The extracts will be issued with in 3 days for registered events

Births and Deaths extracts issuing system

1.For the period on or before 31.12.1999 - Application collection at Main Office only

1.For the period on or after 01.01.2000 - Application collection at all Zone Office

Public can collect the extracts at any zone for any ward from the year 2000 to 2005.


Mobile Medical Team is functioning for the poor slum people from Monday to Saturday every week. The Medical Team is functioning in a separate mobile van and the team consists of one Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Health Visitor, and concerned area Multipurpose Health Worker. The team provides Maternal & Child Health, Immunization, Minor aliments and referral services.

Corporation of Madurai - Mobile Dispensary - Working Schedule
Sl.No. Week Days Ward U.H.P. Slum Area
1 1 Monday 11 6 Sathyavani Muthu Nagar, Thallakulam Kanmai St.
2 Tuesday 6,7 6 Managiri (E), North Street, Jakka Thoppu
3 Wednesday 8,9 6 S.M.P. Colony, P.T. Colony, R.R. Mandapam
4 Thursday 29 15 Bodi Line
5 Friday 69 15 Ponmeni
6 Saturday 72 13 Virattipathi, Kochadai
7 2 Monday 58 10 Irulappan kovil Street, Dhiraviya Lingeswar Kovil Street, Moolakarai Colony
8 Tuesday 42,43 10 F.F. Road. Kaza Street
9 Wednesday 34 17 Keela Anna Thoppu
10 Thursday 35 17 Thaikkal Street
11 Friday 34 7 Kuruvikaran Salai, Sikkantharpuram
12 Saturday 52 9 Gate Lock Road
13 3 Monday 71 13 Kaliamman kovil Street
14 Tuesday 64 11 Kovalan Nagar
15 Wednesday 26 16 Gomesh Palayam
16 Thursday 25 16 Manjal Medu, Mini Colony
17 Friday 1 1 Indira Nagar
18 Saturday 13,14 4 Anna Nagar, Sakkimangalam, Maruthu Pandian Nagar Extn.
19 4 Monday 12,5,3 5 Jawaharpuram, Ramavarma Nagar, Gandhi puram
20 Tuesday 4 5 S.S. Kodikulam, Bharathi Nagar, Andhaneri, Jawaharlal puram
21 Wednesday     Missed scheduled
22 Thursday     Missed scheduled
23 Friday     Missed scheduled