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Street Lights


There are 25,398 numbers of Street Lights inclusive of Tube lights, Sodium Vabour Lights and Other Lights are being maintained and the Street Light Details as per zone wise are tabulated below.

Zone Nos.
North Zone 8980
East Zone 4067
West Zone 6743
South Zone 5608
Total 25398

There are 1199 Numbers Service Connections have been obtained from TamilNadu Electricity Board. The service connection details as per Zone wise is tabulated below.

Zone Connections
North Zone 375 Service Connections
East Zone 221 Service Connections
West Zone 310 Service Connections
South Zone 293 Service Connections
Total 1199 Service Connections

The Total Electrical Load in Kilo Watts for Street Lights in Madurai Corporation is 2208 Kilo Watts and the details of Load as per zone wise is tabulated below.

Zone Electrical Load
North Zone 766 Kilo Watts
East Zone 363 Kilo Watts
West Zone 506 Kilo Watts
South Zone 573 Kilo Watts
Total 2208 Kilo Watts

The Total Electrical Consumption Charges for Street Lighting alone per Month is Rupees 24.34 Lakhs and the details of Electrical Consumption charges per month as per zone wise is tabulated below.

Zone Consumption
North Zone Rs.8.44 Lakhs
East Zone Rs 4.00 Lakhs
West Zone Rs.5.58 Lakhs
South Zone Rs 6.32 Lakhs
Total Rs24.34 Lakhs