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This Citizens' Charter is a commitment of the City Municipal Corporation of Madurai to achieve a STAR system.

  • Simple
  • Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Responsive

In the administration of the body by fulfilling the needs of the citizens of this city.

By providing all-important information to the Citizens about the services being delivered by the Municipal Corporation.

By creating a system, which will receive public grievances and redress the same qualitatively and time bound.

By soliciting the cooperation of the citizens in fulfilling their aspirations by mutual trust, confidence and help and by making them aware of their duties to the community.

By making each citizen's interaction with us easy, simple, hassle-free and efficient, while ensuring accountability and transparency.

By introducing e-governance and automated access to all our functions and services and by directing the resultant flow of efficiency-gains towards the citizens.

By being fair, efficient, citizen-friendly and outcome-focused.


The city of Madurai was constituted as Municipality in the year 1-11-1866 and was subsequently as a City Municipal Corporation from 1-5-1971. It has a population of 14,62,420 (2011 census) and an extent of 147.97 Sq. Km., The city is divided into 100 wards and these wards are grouped into four zonal ward committees.

The Corporation Council comprising of 100 ward councillors is headed by Mayor, who is elected by voters of the city. The councillors elect a Deputy Mayor among them. The Zonal ward committees are headed by ward committee chairman elected by ward councillors of the respective Zonal ward committee.

The executive wing is headed by a commissioner and he is assisted by a team of officials like Chief Health Officer, City Engineer, Planning Engineer, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners of Zones and other Officers.

The City Municipal Corporation provides the following major services

  1. Water supply
  2. Sewerage
  3. Waste Management
  4. Roads
  5. Drains
  6. Street lights
  7. Public Conveniences

The City Municipal Corporation also enforces and regulates the following activities.

  1. Tax administrations
  2. Planning and Building permission
  3. Trade and other licenses
  4. Registration of Birth and Deaths

For each of the above services and activities, this charter provides information about the details of services offered, response time for rendering the services or redressing grievances, whom to complain in case of default for providing the required services and how a citizen can help.

This charter lists the names of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councillors and their contact Telephone numbers for better interaction of the citizens. The Charter also lists out the names, designations and contact Telephone numbers of key officials dealing with major issues.

The co-operation of the citizen's is solicited broadly in the following aspects:-

  1. Segregate wastes at source
  2. Do not throw waste in Drains, streets
  3. Deposit wastes only at specified places and dustbins
  4. Do not allow children to defecate in open spaces
  5. Avoid connecting sewerage in open drains
  6. Avoid encroachments on public places
  7. Avoid occupation of roads and footpaths with unauthorized stacking of materials
  8. Avoid letting of wastewater on to roads
  9. Conserve rainwater and provide rainwater harvesting Structures in every building
  10. Avoid leaving animals on roads and public places
  11. Avoid misuse of public places including parks, open spaces, public toilets, markets, Bus stands
  12. Plant trees within and front of premises, water them and nurture them to grow
  13. Report leakage of water, bursting of water/ sewage pipes, burning of street lights during day time, damage of public properties posing health hazard.
  14. Avoid damage of public properties.
  15. Ensure prompt payment of property tax, profession tax, Water charges license fees and other Municipal dues.
  16. Adhere to Building Rules and avoid violations, unauthorized constructions
  17. Adopt universal immunization
  18. Complain to the right officer in time and liaise with the ward Councillor.




The City Engineer and his team of officers are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining roads belonging to Corporation within the Corporation limit.

Length of Roads

Roads Length in KM.
Bus Route Roads 265.00 Km
Ring Road 27.20 Km
Internal Road 1253.13 Km
Total 1545.33 Km
Sl. No. Roads Length in KM.
1 B.T. Roads 935.79 Km
2 C.C. Road 202.30 Km
3 P.B Road 205.99 Km
  TOTAL 1344.08 Km
Roads Length in KM.
State Highways 74.4 Km
National Highways 13 Km

During the last heavy rain and while carrying out various scheme works, roads to the extent of 1308.10 KMs have been damaged. Therefore, it has been proposed to renovate the damaged roads in a phased manner first to the extent of 33.49 KMs under Integrated Urban Development Mission schemes and 19 KMs length of roads under Special Road Development Scheme, Flood Relief Works, MP and MLA and Area Development Scheme and Councillors Ward Development Scheme and the works are being executed.


Construction and maintenance of roads, culverts, bridges, storm water drains.

  1. Repairs to patholes and bad patches
  2. Resurfacing the roads
  3. Widening and improvement of existing roads
  4. Repairs and maintenance of foot paths
  5. Maintenance of street furniture including streetlights
  6. Provision of parking facilities.
  7. Permitting display of advertisements.
  8. Maintenance of traffic islands.
  9. Maintenance of side drains, avenue trees.
  10. Flood control measures to reduce damage.

Response time for Service / Grievance redressal

SL .no Details Time schedule
1 Restoration of damages caused to roads due to natural calamities 30 days
2 Filling of patholes in the roads 10 days
3 Road cutting permission 7 days
4 Patch works on roads 30 days
5 Removal of encroachments causing Hindrance to traffic. 3 days
6 Removal of debris and construction Materials on road sides by the owner of the Building. 1 week
7 If not removed by the owner, removal by Corporation on collection of expenses. 1 week
8 Removal of water stagnation 24 hours
9 Removal of drain blockage Emergency 24 hours
10 Normal 3 days

Street Lights

SL .no Details Time schedule
1 Repairs to Non-burning of Street lights at main roads / streets 2 days
2 Repairs of streetlights at inner street 3 days

Corporation Maintained

Street Lights Nos.
No. of Tube Light 34771
No. of Sodium Vapour Lamps 10944
No. of High Mast (9x8) 56
No. of CFL / T5/ Power saving Lights 2237
Total 48008 Nos


  1. Do not damage the roads for public fountains. Adhere to guidelines prescribed.
  2. Do not dump debris and garbage in street margins
  3. Avoid encroaching roads / streets
  4. Avoid cutting roads without permission
  5. Do not allow household wastewater to flow into the streets
  6. Do not throw garbage into drains
  7. Do not connect sewer lines to public drains.
  8. Report water stagnations, mission manholes, damaged lights, lights poles
  9. Maintain avenue trees in front of premises.

Whom to contact for service deficiency


-------- Table is Here -------

Street Light

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Rain Water harvesting is the collection of Rainwater for drinking and other purposes.

Why should Rain Water be saved?

  1. To meet water demand for domestic use
  2. To raise the ground water level
  3. To improve the Quality of ground water
  4. To prevent infiltration of seawater in nearby areas of sea-shore.

Method of harvesting Rain Water

  1. Rain- water can be harvested by two methods.
    • Rooftop harvesting
    • Surface run off harvesting
  2. Rain- water from roof- top can be straight away let into wells / Bore wells. Rainwater in the open spaces can be collected adopting various rainwater harvesting methods.

Collecting of Rain Water from the terrace of the buildings

  • Collecting through well
  • Collecting through bore well

To harvest Rain Water in open space

  • Percolation / Recharge pit
  • Percolation / Recharge pit with bore
  • Recharge trench
  • Recharge well

Harvesting of Rain Water from thatched and tiled house

  1. Rainwater from the thatched and tiled houses are collected through gutters in a small pit used as filter.
  2. Rainwater can be collected on the thatched roof by using polyphone sheets
  3. Rainwater collected through filter can be stored in a tank or existing sump
  4. Approximately it costs Rs. 800 to 1000 (Excluding storage tank)
  5. Rainwater from the rooftop collected through gutter can be stored directly in tanks for domestic use. However, bleaching power is to be added now and then for ensuring the quality of water.

Whom to contact for service deficiency

Details Designation and timing

  • For Demonstration ---- A.E.E. (Vaigai ) 98421 53345
  • For Installation ---- 8.00 A.M. to 5.45 P.M.


The City Engineer and his team of Engineers and Staff are responsible for protected drinking water supply in the town. For a population of 9.84 Lakhs. The town requires a daily quantity of 65 MLD. On an average, the per capita supply is maintained at 70 LPCD.

Service / Functions

  • Operation and maintenance of Head works for water supply and distribution of drinking water to house - holds and public stand posts.
  • Sanctioning new House Service Connection.
  • Conveyance and distribution of water for private and public uses.
  • Creating awareness among people to conserve water and install Rain- water harvesting structures.

Response time for complaints

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Co-operation Needed from Citizen

  1. Avoid wastage of water. Do not use drinking water for gardening and other similar purpose
  2. Do not draw water unauthorized or through installation of pumps in Municipal Corporation
  3. Get the repairs attended after proper intimation to Corporation and under the supervision of Corporation Engineering Staff.
  4. Pay water charges and other dues promptly and avoid disconnection
  5. Conserve rainwater and install rainwater harvesting in all building.
  6. Keep the tap closed both in house and in public stand post to avoid pollution.
  7. Report water leakage, theft as a public service.
  8. Do not tamper with water supply connection or meters.

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The City Engineer and his team of Engineers and staff are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining this service.

  • Operation and maintenance of installations relating to Sewerage system
  • Sanctioning of new household sewerage connections and maintenance of household connections.
  • Maintenance of sewerage treatment plant and sewerage farms
  • Cleaning of septic tank.
Details Time Schedule
1. Sewerage Connection
1. a) Issue of application from
Concerned Zonal Office
b). Receipt of filled in application with fees Concerned Zonal Office on all working days.
c) Issue of acknowledgement On the spot
d) Intimation to the application on rectification of defects noticed, if any in the application. 7 days
e). After rectification of defects, issue of notice/challan for remittance of fees for drainage connection 7 days
f) Remittance of fees / issue of receipt 30 days from the receipt of application
g) New connection commissioning 15 days
2. Complaints of blockage /Leakage of drainage 24 Hours
3. Rectification of defects in Drainage connection 2 days
4. Replacement of missing manhole lid 24 Hours


Name Designation Contact
Thiru. C. Dinesh Kumar IAS Commissioner +91 452 2545333
Thiru. K. Saravanan B.Sc Deputy Commissioner +91 9498748700
Thiru. M. Dhayanithi - BSc.,MBA.,LLM., Deputy Commissioner +91 9498748700
Thiru.S. Parthasarathy Assitant Commissioner Zone-1 +91 452 2310011
Thiru. G. Gopu Assitant Commissioner Zone-2 +91 452 2310022
Thiru. A. Rengarajan Assitant Commissioner Zone-3 +91 452 2310033
Thiru. N. Shajakan Assitant Commissioner Zone-4 +91 452 2310044
Tmt. R. Radha Assitant Commissioner Zone-5 +91 452 2310055
Thiru. P. Ruban Suresh Ponnaiah  Chief Engineer +91 9498748719
Thiru. S. A. Mohamed shafiullah Superintending Engineer +91 9498748900
Dr. Vinothkumar City Health Officer +91 9498749006
Dr. S. Gothai Assistant City Health Officer +91 9498749066
Tmt. Visalatchi Assistant Commissioner (Accounts) +91 9498748707
Thiru.S. Mariyappan Assistant Commissioner (Revenue) +91 9498748706
Tmt. Arunachalam Assistant Commissioner (Personnel) +91 9498748705
Tmt. K. Malathi Town Planning +91 9498748908
Tmt. Kalavathi Executive Engineer (AMRUT,ARSAS UGSS Zone I & II) +91 9498748910
Thiru. Sundararaj Executive Engineer (AMRUT, ARSAS UGSS Zone III & IV) +91 9498748711
Tmt. Bakiya Lakshmi Executive Engineer (AMRUT, ARSAS UGSS Zone V) +91 9498748712
Thiru. R.V.J. Rahupathy Corporation Education Officer +91 9498748704
Thiru. Maheswaran Public Relation Officer +91 9498748708
Thiru. A. Rengarajan Council Secretary +91 9498748710
Tmt. Siva Backiyam Law Officer +91 9498748709
Thiru. Lokeshprabhu Assistant Engineer - HQ +91 9498748717


Sl.No. Pumping Station Telephone No
1 Rajaji Park 2531012
2 Thavittu Santhai 2320094
3 Santhaipettai 2625071
4 Arasarady 2602105
5 Kochadai 2382729
6 Manaloor 2465424
7 Sellur 2530520
8 Vellaikkal 2690024

Details of the Corporation Officers to be contacted for grievances redressal regarding Water supply, Drainage, Street lights, Roads, Garbage removal Licenses, Building permission, Taxation and leases in Corporation ward areas.


Madurai Corporation is the pioneer Corporation in Tamil Nadu in implementing E-Governance. This improves better services to public, better administration and transparency. E- Governance in Madurai Corporation receives appreciation from public, elected representatives and officials at various levels. E- Governance plays a major role in day to day administration at various levels. Tax and non tax revenue have also been improved a lot compared to manual collection.

Following E-Governance services are implemented first in Tamilnadu by Madurai Corporation.

  1. Madurai Corporation has started online collection of Property tax and Water charges on 14.06.04. Gradually 24 collection centres have been started at various places of Madurai Corporation. This facilitate people to pay their taxes in their own areas. Tax payers feel free to pay their taxes through these collection centres.
  2. Issue of Birth and Death certificate through computer from 01.07.2005.
  3. Online collection of Miscellaneous Receipts from 01.07.2005 in all four Zonal Offices. This facilitates the public to pay their fees for getting Birth and Death certificates, Building plan fees, Tender Deposit, Water Service connection charges…etc., instantly.
  4. Touch screen facility has been provided at Rani Mangammal Chatram Collection Center on 01.07.2005. Using this facility public know their tax dues, Birth and Death Registration details.
  5. Issue of Building Plan Approval through computer started from 22.08.2005.
  6. From the month of August 2005, Pay bill preparation of 4700 employees are done and pay slips issued to all employees.
  7. Computerization of Financial Accounting System implemented from 01.12.2006.
  8. Video Conferencing System : Madurai Corporation is the first urban local body in introducing Video Conferencing facility in Tamil Nadu . With this facility Mayor, Commissioner can visually talk to Corporation Officials on important matters which avoids journey, saves fuel cost and precious time. Important and most urgent decisions can be taken using this facility with in stipulated time. This made easier to govern the administration.
  9. Computerization of Bus stand Toll collection : M.G.R bus stand Tollgate is automated by an electronic ticket collector . Every Transaction is updated in the Integrated Bus Stand Server. This made easier to regulate the collection correctly.
  10. Computerization of Ring Road Toll collection : Tollgates are connected internally in the Integrated Bus Stand Server through Wireless Connectivity. All Toll Collection Transactions are update in the Integrated Bus stand Server.This Project works will be completed and started very soon.
  11. Automation of E-Weighing System : At Vellaikkal Compost yard weighing is done by reading Vehicle ID by a hand held reader and weighing weights.
  12. Debit/Credit card collections through our collection centres : Credit card transaction has been implemented in all 25 collection centres . This Software has been developed exclusively for credit card and Debit card System for payment of all tax dues to Corporation by the public holding these cards instead of paying currency. This enable card holders to pay their taxes easily.
  13. Collection on Wheels : Tax collections on wheels, is the new concept. Mobile vehicles are moving in and around the city with Computers, Printers and internet connections in order to collect All Tax dues.
  14. Issuing Birth & Death Certificate( in 10 minutes): A separate Birth & Death registration unit has been established in GRH at Shenoy Nagar near Corporation Elango School. All events reported from GRH is being computerised then and there from 1.1.2000. All requisition application for extracts is available at this centre. All Birth & Death computerisation extracts all distributed with in 10 minutes to the public.

Action Plan

In addition to the above E-Governance activities following modules will be implemented in Madurai Corporation in order to improve services to the public and better administration during the financial year 2012-2013.

  1. File tracking system
  2. Stores maintenance system
  3. Fully computerized paperless office
  4. Vehicle tracking system
  5. GIS
  6. Personal Management System
  7. Land Use Information System
  8. Office valuable Records Digitization.


Chief Town Planning Officer is entrusted with the responsibility of Town Planning activities. The branch looks after regulation of building activities/lay out and other planning permissions. The planning permission is granted by Composite Local Planning Authority headed by the District Collector and the Building permission is granted by the Commissioner.


  • Information Centre:-Here the applicant should buy an "Application Form" in a booklet for the value of Rs.250/-
  • Engineering Section:-Here the application is entered and sent to the building Inspector for Technical Remarks.
  • Assistant Commissioner:-Assistant Commissioner of the Zonal office is empowered to approve the residential building plan within 1200 Sq.ft of build up area.
  • Chief Town Planning Officer:-He has power to approve the plans within 2000 sq.ft for the use of dwelling purposes. (Up to 8 dwellings and up to 4 shops)
  • Commissioner:- Commissioner approves the plans within 2000 - 4000 sq.ft for dwelling use and non-dwelling uses. (Above 4 shops and eight dwellings)

II. How to apply and what documents are required:

  1. The application should be duly filled by the License Builder and signed by both the License Builder and the applicant.
  2. Vacant site tax should be levied to the site proposed.
  3. The Building License fees, L.B.M. Fees, Demolition Fees and other fees are to be remitted by challans.
  4. The sale deed for the site and 3 copies of plans should be attached with the application.

II. How to apply and what documents are required:

  1. Granting permission for construction or alteration of building.
  2. Lay out/Sub division plan approval.
  3. Action against unauthorized constructions, violation and encroachments.
  4. Preparation of Master Plan and other Development Plans and their enforcement.

Response time for service/Grievance Redressal Approval of Building Plan and issue of Building License

Sl.No. Details Time Schedule
1 Issue of application forms/ Remittance of fees At the Information Centre on all working day-at once
2 Issue of acknowledgement At the information centre at once
3 Intimation to the applicant on rectification of defects noticed in the application Within a week
4 Suggestions to the applicant for rectification of defects Within a week
5 After rectification of defects. Issue of notice / Challan Within a week
  1. up to and extent of 200 Sqm
  2. Above 200 sqm (on receipt of approval of the Local Planning Authority)
15 days
15 days
7 Application of building License 7 days
8 Renewal of building License 7 days
9 Plot sub division approval --- Days
10 Layout approval ---Days
11 License to licensed surveyors 30 Days
12 Demolition of unauthorized construction on public property 15 days
13 Demolition of dangerous structures 30- days
14 Removal of encroachment in Roads and Municipal Corporation properties 15 days


  1. Cooperation with enforcement staff
  2. No unauthorized construction or addition / alteration in the premises
  3. Start construction only after getting an approved plan
  4. Do not buy plots for construction in unapproved layouts
  5. Layout Developers to hand over Road, Drains and other construction to the Corporation after completion and before selling plots.
  6. Follow the Building Rules, Development control Rules and other regulations.
  7. Report illegal constructions, dangerous constructions
  8. Avoid encroachments on public property and ensure footpaths are clear


Details Designations
First Contact Assistant Commissioner
Second Contact Chief Town Planning Officer (Phone No. 2531140)
Third Contact Commissioner

Septic Tank Cleaning

Details Time Schedule
Receipt of application / Remittance of fees At the information Center on the spot Main Office
Cleaning of Septic tank Within 2 days

Co operation Needed from Citizens

  1. Do not throw other waste including animal waste and debris into the sewage lines
  2. Do not connect sewage outlets to public open drains or road- sides.
  3. Adhere to safety measures before entrusting cleaning of septic tanks etc to private persons.
  4. Do not tamper with sewage connections
  5. Pay tax and service charges promptly
  6. Avoid environment pollution or nuisance.


Details Designations and Working Time
Initial Complaint CSI -- All working days ( Lorry shed-2529619 )
Second Contact CHO -- All working days
Third Contact Commissioner -- All working days


Solid Waste Management

The Waste management in the city is entrusted with the City Health Officer and a team of Sanitary Inspectors. The aim of the City Municipal Corporation is 100% collection of garbage generated in the city daily.

Functions / Services

  1. Daily street cleaning and transportation of waste
  2. Night sweeping in Bus stands and market places
  3. Disposal of waste collected through various methods
  4. Removal of debris and construction wastes
  5. Special conservancy arrangements during festivals and other important occasions attracting large number of people.
  6. Bulk clearance of wastes in special premises like Kalyana Mandapams, Hotela etc.
  7. Maintenance and cleaning of public toilets, urinals on a daily basis.
  8. Removal of dead animals.
  9. Fee collection.

Response Time for Redressal of Grievance

Waste Management Details Time schedule
1 Cleaning of Street and Road Monday to Saturday from 6.00 AM to 10.30 AM and from 2.30 PM to 5.00PM at all places (subject to change in respective Corporation
2 Market and Bus-stand places From 9.00PM to next day 4.00AM
3 Collection and removal of Garbage Daily
4 CollectionCleaning of public toilets, urinals Daily
5 Complaints regarding non-removal of garbages. 24 Hours
6 Removal of dead animals 24 Hours
7 Complaints regarding non-sweeping of roads 24 Hours
8 Complaints regarding removal of debris 3 days from intimation
9 Complaints regarding removal of blockages in public Toilets 24 Hours

Co-operation Needed from citizens

  1. Do not throw wastes into open drains or streets
  2. Clean your premises and deposit wastes in the designated points before street clearance by conservancy staff.
  3. Segregate house- hold wastes as per guidelines.
  4. Report non-clearance of garbage/debris to the designated authorities
  5. Keep your premises clean. Remove bushes and shrubs then and there. Prune trees abutting main streets and avoid obstruction to traffic and people's movement.
  6. Use public toilets/urinals properly. Avoid nuisance in open spaces/road margins.
  7. Pay administrative charges and fees promptly.

Whom to Contact for service Deficiency

Details Designations and Working Time
Initial Complaint Sanitary Supervisor and Sanitary Inspector
Second Contact Circle Sanitary Officer.- Daily any Time
Third Contact City Health Officer - Daily any Time


Under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, the Urban Local Bodies play a vital role in registering births and deaths within their territory and issue of births/deaths to the citizens. The following officers are entrusted with the responsibility of registration in this corporation.

  1. The Commissioner - Custodian of Records - Record Keeper & Sanitary Inspector
  2. The City Health Officer - Chief Registrar - The Commissioner for the City
  3. Statistical Assistant -- Registrar - Sanitary Inspector


  1. Birth Registration : in form 1
  2. Death Registration : in form II
  3. Issue of extract of Birth Register : Form No.5
  4. Issue of extract of Death Register : form No.6
  5. Application via online : Under process
  6. Registration Office Location : All Sanitary Inspector's Ward office.
  7. Registration hours : All working days 2.00P.M to 5.00PM

Response Time for Service / Grievances

Details Rate of fees Time schedule
I. Registration of Birth From the Date of Birth
1. With in 21 days
Sanitary Supervisor and Sanitary Inspector At once
2. From 21 days up to 30 days Rs.2/- 3 days
3. From 30 days up to 1 year (with Commissioner order) Rs.10/- 7 days
4. More than 1 year (with court order) Rs.10/- 7 days
1. Registration of Child's Name in the Birth Register   At once
1. From the Date of Birth up to 1 year   At once
2. More than 1 year Rs.10/- 7 days
II. Registration of Death From the date of death
1.With in 21 days
  At once
2. From 21 days up to 30 days Rs.2/- 3 days
3. From 30 days up to 1 year (with Commissioner order) Rs.10/- 7 days
4. More than 1 year (with court order) Rs.10/- 7 days
III. Birth/Death Certificates Remittance of fees for first two copies Rs.30/- 3 days
Additional copy / each additional copy Rs.5/- 3 days
For Institution (Hospital etc) Form1
Form II
Each Rs.1/-

Co operation Needed from Citizens

  1. Register Birth immediately after birth with in 21 days
  2. Name the child, preferably after registration of birth.
  3. Information for Registration should be given by responsible persons who could give correct personal information
  4. Avoid nick names or alias names in giving information both for the Birth and Death
  5. Insist on giving details to the Hospital where delivery occurs for registration and a copy of the Report forwarded to the Registration Authority
  6. For extracts give correct details and pay the required fees for copies and search fees
  7. Information on the mode by which you would like to receive the extract- through mail or in person or through messenger
  8. If it is through Messenger give a specific written authorization to collect the extract
  9. Do not insist on recording "Cause of death" in the extract for death certificate, as it is not given, even though the information is entered in the main register of deaths.
  10. Only Parents having rights to register the Child's name.

Whom To Contact for Deficiency of Service

Details Designations and Working Time
Initial Complaint Sanitary Inspector (up to one month for Registration)
Second Contact City Health Officer (up to one year for Registration)
Third Contact Commissioner


The City Health Officer of the Corporation and his team of Food Inspectors are entrusted with the responsibility of enforcement of the "Prevention of Food. Adulteration Act" with in the Corporation limit. The trades / traders handling food articles are also licensed.

Function / Services / Enforcement

  1. Have a watch over the sale of food articles within territory.
  2. If there are complaints or suspicion take samples of the food and send it to laboratory for analysis
  3. If found adulterated, prosecute the offender in a court of law pursue, so that it will act as a deterrent
  4. Issue license for trades under the Act after verification and collection of fees
  5. Create awareness among people and traders
  6. Fees collection as per PFA act (Rs 1 to 25)
Details Time schedule
1. Issue of Application Form At Information Centre on all working days on the spot.
2. Receipt of application with fees At Information Centre on all working days on the spot.
3. Intimation to the applicant regarding defects, if any noticed in the application With in a week
4. After rectification of defects, issue of notice/chalan for remittance of fees With in 30 days from the receipt of application
5. Issue of License 45 days
6. Belated remittance of fees % penalty

Renewal of License

Issue of application form At Information Centre in the Central office and Four Zonal Office on the spot
Receipt of application/Remittance of fees At information Centre in the Central office and Four Zonal Office on the spot
Renewal of license With in 45 days

Co operation Needed from Citizens

  1. Traders should avoid selling adulterated food articles or articles which are not safe for consumption, as a service to the people.
  2. Traders may inform suspected adulterated food articles in circulation
  3. Traders to obtain Municipal Corporation license or renew license without fail at the appropriate time paying the prescribed fee
  4. Insist on license card from the Authorities, if not issued within 45 days
  5. Citizen's may report adulterated foodstuff under circulation to Municipal Corporation Authorities, as it may save a valuable life.

Whom to Contact for Deficiency of Service

Details Designation and timing Name of F I s
First Complaint Food Inspector G. Jegadesan-w-47
S. Ramesh-W-55
L.K.Muralidaran W-37
P. Rajkannan W-33
Second Contact Chief Food Inspector P. Thangapandi. W-65
V. Raja. W-71
Third Contact Local Health Authority K. Saravanan. W-6


These are normally called "Dangerous and offensive Trades". The Corporation regulates and issues licenses for using any premises with in the city for running trades and installation of machineries there for. The responsibility for regulation and issue of license is entrusted with the following officials of the Corporation.

  1. Sanitary Inspector
  2. Circle Sanitary Officer
  3. City Health Officer

Functions / Services

  1. Notify the trades, which need license together with the rate of license fees
  2. Field verification and issue of license / or renewal of license
  3. Regulate the trades by imposing appropriate conditions to avoid inconvenience / nuisance to general public
  4. Fixation of rate of license fee and collection including belated fees
  5. Fees structure type of trades as per Corporation Council Schedule (enclosed here with)
Details Time schedule
1. Issue of Application Form At Information Centre on all working days on the spot in the Central Office and Four Zonal Offices.
2. Receipt of application with fees At Information Centre on all working days on the spot on the Central office and four Zonal Offices.
3. Intimation to the applicant regarding defects, if any noticed in the application With in a week
4. After rectification of defects, issue of notice/chalan for remittance of fees With in 30 days from the receipt of application
5. Issue of License 45 days
6. Belated remittance of fees 25 % penalty

Renewal of License

Issue of application form At information Centre on all working days on the spot in the central office and four zonal offices
Receipt of application/Remittance of fees At information centre on the spot in the central office and four zonal offices.
Renewal of license With in 45 days

Co operation Needed from Citizens

  1. Avoid unauthorized running of trades or machineries with out license
  2. Adhere to the license conditions scrupulously
  3. Obtain license / renewal or license with out omission and promptly
  4. Remit the fees due promptly
  5. Do not encroach foot-paths, streets by show casing the materials outside the shop
  6. Enclose installation plan for machineries

Whom to Contact for Deficiency of Service

Details Designations
Initial Complaint Sanitary Inspector-All working days (ward office) s
Second Contact Circle Sanitary Officer – All working days (North W-11,East W-51, South W-33, West W-25) s
Third Contact Assistant Commissioner & City Health Officer.



The objectives of the scheme, implemented by the Corporation are:

  1. Providing self-employment opportunity to the people living below poverty line
  2. Providing financial assistance for the economical development of women and children Groups in urban areas below poverty line.
  3. Imparting training to those who are selected and interested in self-employment.
  4. Engaging the public living below poverty line for the works taken in urban areas under Wages Employment Programme.

The people below poverty line may submit applications to the Corporation and the applications shall be scrutinized with reference to the list of people below poverty line and the eligible person shall be recommended for financial assistance by banks.

Details Time schedule
1. Receipt of application form In the information counter – on the spot
2. Submission of application In the information counter – on the spot
3. Recommendation to banks for assistance under the scheme 30 days
4. Imparting training to eligible candidates -

Whom to contact for service deficiency

Details Designations
Initial Complaint Assistant Project Officer – All working days
Second Contact City Health Officer – All working days
Third Contact Commissioner – All working days.


This Corporation is playing an active role in immunization according to schedule and in nation wide special drives for immunization. The City Health Officer of the Corporation and his team of Doctors and Para-medical staff are entrusted with the responsibility for immunization programmes.


  1. Immunization done at all UHP s and Maternity Homes & ICD Centre
  2. At Birth "O" dose of OPV & B.C.G.
  3. 45 days DPT & OPV & Hep 'B'
  4. 75 days DPT & OPV II & Hep 'B'
  5. 105 days DPT & OPV III & Hep 'B'
  6. 9 months Measles & OPV
  7. 11/2 years DPT & OPV – Booster
  8. 5 years – DT
  9. 10 Years –TT
  10. 16 years – TT
  11. Field survey and extension work by area medical staff
  12. Regular immunization at designated places
  13. Special nation-wide programmes on immunization
  14. Creating awareness among people for timely immunization

Response Time For Service / Grievance

Details Time schedule
Vaccination to public Every Wednesday of a week
Vaccination for specific disease At once, at the concerned centers
Polio Vaccination Every Wednesday & national Immunization days
Anti-filarial Not applicable
Certificate of Vaccination Already immunization card issued as And when need if immunized.

How can the citizen's Help?

  1. Adhere to immunization schedule for your children
  2. Contact Municipal Authorities in case of any out break of dangerous diseases

Whom To Contact for Service / Grievance Redressal

Details Designations
Initial Complaint Nearest UHP, Maternity Homes & Dispensaries
Second Contact Medical Officer
Third Contact Supdt. Mat. Homes
Fourth Contact Assistant Health Officer & City Health Officer.


There are 12 Allopathy & 3 Siddha & 2 Ayurvedic Dispensaries and 17 Maternity Homes and center catering fee service to the urban poor. They are managed by Medical Officers and other Para medical staff. They are under the overall supervision of Corporation Chief Health Officer and Commissioner.

Functions Services
Providing maternity and child care OP services, Delivery & PN care.
Providing help and advice on Family Welfare issues All UHPs, Dispensaries and Maternity Centers and Hospitals (E.O.C0
Immunization and Vaccination All the UHP s. Mat, Home
Disease preventive and curative measures Health Education
Creating awareness for hygiene and immunization Health Education

Response time for service / grievance

Details Time schedule
1. Service Maternity Daily except Sundays 8-12 & 3-5 PM
2. Dispensary Daily except Sundays 8-12 & 3-5 PM
3. Advise on Family Welfare Daily except Sundays 8-12 & 3-5 PM

Whom to Contact

Details Designations Timings
First Contact Medical Officer 8.00AM – 1.00PM & 3.00P.M-5.00 PM
Second Contact Supdt.Mat.Homes -
Third Contact Assistant Health Officer -
Fourth Contact City Health Officer Corporation Office 10.00AM-5.45PM
Fifth Contact Commissioner Corporation Office 10.00AM-5.45PM

Other revenue sources, also, any information required may be obtained from the same offices. Similarly, any delay or service deficiency can also be complained to the same officers.


Property Tax:

Property Tax is a major revenue source for the Corporation. There are 2,94,125 (No) property Tax assessments and the annual demand is Rs. 23.51 Crores.

Functions / Services

  1. Determining rate of Tax and dividing Zones for the purpose
  2. Assessment of Tax on all new constructions and additional tax for additional constructions ensuring filling up of Self Assessment Returns by owners
  3. Collection of Tax
  4. Transfer of Title properties.

Response time for service / Grievance redressal

Details Time schedule
A. Assessment of Property Tax: -
1. Information regarding the assessment of Property Tax At information Center on the spot
2. Issue of acknowledgement for self assessment return At information Center on the spot
3. Application for inclusion in the assessment register At information Center on the spot
4. Assessment Order for new and improvement to the existing Building 20 days
B) Name Transfer -
Issue of form / acknowledgement At information Center on the spot
Issue of Orders 15 days
(A) & (B) Issue of certified copies -
1. Receipt of Forms and issue of acknowledgement On the spot at information counter
2. Receipt of fees At information center on the spot
3. Issue of copies 7 days
C) Setting tax complaints 15 days
Note: If any facility had been made on line the information may be furnished here suitably altering the details and time schedule -
D) Vacancy remission 90 days

Co operation Needed from Citizens

  1. Report new / additional constructions promptly and file self assessment returns fully furnishing the required information
  2. Pay Tax promptly without leaving any arrears.
  3. Insist on getting receipt for payment
  4. Avoid paying tax in installments

Whom to Contact for Service / Complaint

Details Designations
First Contact Asst. Revenue Officer
Second Contact Asst. Commissioner
Third Contact Commissioner


Professional tax - Now amendment order is issued incorporating the following additional section.

This will come in force on 1.07.15."The registration certificate under Professional Tax will be issued within one working day from the date of the application"