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Street Scape redesign - Pedestrian pathways

S.No Title Project Cost Physical Progress Remarks
1 Street Scape redesign - Pedestrian pathways 50.21 100% -

Streetscape Redesign - Rs. 50.21 Crore.

The project covers East Maasi street, West Maasi street, North Maasi street & South Maasi street to a length of 3.39 Km.

  • Streets will be designed by giving priority to pedestrians and disable friendly.
  • Underground utility duct for optical fiber cables, Electricity cables, Telecommunication cables
  • Construction of Storm Water Drain (either one side or both sides of the street). SWD system comprising of primary, secondary and tertiary drains.
  • Laying Water Supply and UGD (wherever necessary) lines.
  • Decorative street lights
  • Provision of street signs
  • Provision of road markings
  • Street junction will be designed properly for smooth vehicle flow and will be improved for pedestrian comfort and safety.
  • Retrofit footpath so as to accommodate different type of users without any stumbling block. It is proposed to widen the footpaths providing user friendly and aesthetically appealing surface finish to the footpath along with kerbs, provisions for new utilities etc.

Project Brief:

Project status: Work in progress